Veethree are continuing to make distribution appointments for their new VeeConnect digital switching system and have announced that Nijmegen based distributor “Allpa” will expand their 20+ year responsibility for the exclusive distribution of Veethree gauges in Benelux and Germany to also include VeeConnect


The VeeConnect system supports 12 switching channels, with each capable of loads of up to 20amps, 2 of which can be paired for reversing motor applications and all are PWM capable for level adjustments (light/sound etc…) unlike most other digital switching  systems, with VeeConnect set up is extremely simple with no special programming tools, software or training required, instead a choice of 5” or 7” slimline digital displays allow the installer to select switch types, icons, ID text, colours, styles, load handling and alarm reset options etc


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Martin Harding Managing Director of GMA who are responsible for VeeConnect sales in Europe said “Having another of Europe’s leading marine distributors committing to be our exclusive distributor demonstrates the opportunities that are seen for new product. Allpa successfully handle many high-quality brands across several countries, and so this appointment will enhance our ability to respond the growing number of enquiries we are receiving for VeeConnect digital switching from boat builders and installer dealers right across Europe”


Mark Rutgers Allpa’s Managing Director said “We could immediately see that the VeeConnect system is uniquely different from other digital switch solutions on the market because the installation is so much more simple and flexible, with intuitive on screen programming with no requirement for any training, or for the use of external tools or software, we believe this system will appeal to a good cross section of our customers”

Veethree Group are a multinational leading manufacturer of digital displays, gauges, sensors and senders

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