Established in 2008, our team is proud to continue to represent multiple manufacturers of quality marine and leisure products across the European market.

Our experienced staff have introduced new brands, set up distribution networks and secured ongoing sales to both OEM and Aftermarket customers.

With our team’s background in professional marketing, we continue to regularly provide our clients with assistance in the creation and development of marketing collaterals (web, print etc).

Why use a manufacturers representative in Europe?

  • Guarantees a constant presence in the European market
  • Same time zone sales base, extends the time available for contact with customers
  • Provides a detailed understanding of local market trends, cultures etc
  • Utilises a highly motivated sales force with income based solely on commissions
  • Exceptional value with all costs related to % of sales
  • All the benefits but none of the potential risks or problems associated with employed staff
  • Ensures, safe, effective access to the European market, avoiding any costly errors caused by unsuitable distribution choices

Our Added Value

  • We specialise in positioning and developing sales for “technical” products
  • Working with a “select” group of key manufacturers ensures we retain real focus on developing long term and sustainable sales growth
  • We invest the necessary time to ensure we have a high level of technical product knowledge
  • We have first hand experience and understanding of the varying market dynamics that allow us to create appropriate and effective sales strategies
  • We conduct detailed product training, ensuring those responsible for day to day sales of the products we represent are confident in understanding why the product was developed, it’s features and benefits and most importantly a clear sales strategy
  • We have a vast experience and understanding of the needs of European dealers, distributors, boat builders and engine manufacturers

Our Commitment

  • Take total responsibility for the development of your sales in Europe
  • Develop winning growth strategies
  • Maximise your sales potential in all markets for all products
  • Provide you with regular feedback on market situations and trends
  • Maintain a high level of product and application knowledge
  • Ensure highest quality product/brand representation within catalogues, websites, advertisements and key European boat shows
  • Provide constant local focus on developing your European sales
  • Establish and manage effective distribution partners for all products, including those new to the market and those already in circulation
  • Identify key OEM targets and opportunities
  • Develop direct relationships with OEM buyers, design engineers and sales staff that open doors and uncover new sales opportunities Provide you with valuable feedback regarding product development needs
  • Uncover and secure sales opportunities from new customers in new markets
  • Keep your name and your products in front of the customer on a very regular basis via mail, phone and personal visits