Huntsville, Alabama, USA based DC charging solutions specialist Balmar, has introduced 2 new 48v alternators (60amp and 100amp) to their range specifically aimed at the charging of high-performance AGM or Lithium batteries


With more and more home style appliances being installed onboard such as air conditioning, microwaves, and induction hobs etc. there is a growing trend to provide power via a 48v battery system.


Tim Bock, Balmar’s CEO says “Silent running is a key factor to a comfortable life on board, which is why we are seeing many boat builders and RV manufacturers moving away from installing noisy, fuel guzzling generator sets which require a lot of space and extensive sound and exhaust insulation. There is a notable shift toward replacing gen sets completely and upgrading to high-capacity battery banks, including the installation of a high-performance alternator to provide on-board charging”.


He continued, “Our charging system is ideal for any vehicle or vessel where an auxiliary battery bank is being employed to power equipment with the main engine not running.  The growing trend to use Lithium (LiFePO4) batteries configured at 48v has prompted us to introduce these 2 new alternators along with our MC-620 smart regulator to provide intelligent and safe charging of the LiFePO4 chemistry.  Turn-on threshold is also an important consideration for any 48v charging system, and our offerings are designed to provide for charging at idle speeds.”

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