Huntsville, Alabama, USA based DC charging solutions specialist Balmar, has released 2 new products for their DC charging programme.

The new SG205 smart shunt incorporates a Bluetooth gateway that enables users to more easily set up all charging parameters and also view real-time alternator and regulator information via a Smartphone using the Balmar App.

The new MC-618 Alternator Regulator replaces their venerable MC-614 model and includes new communication capability options to either connect physically to an SG200 (2” colour digital display) or connect via Bluetooth to the new SG205 smart shunt

Chris Witzgall, Balmar Product manager said” For years our Balmar customers have pushed us to include the capability to view and/or adjust charging profiles from a remote device and the introduction of these 2 new products finally provides that capability”

For full details please visit the Balmar website