Following the Clean Harbour Partnerships call for UK boat builders to replace zinc anodes with aluminium anodes for the sake of the environment, it’s worth noting that US manufacturer Performance Metals specialise in the production a full range of “Navalloy” aluminium anodes offering an immediate solution for all boat builders throughout Europe.


For many years, anode manufacturers have been misleading with their technical information and insisting that zinc should be used in saltwater and magnesium in fresh water, thereby continuing to make money off outdated legacy product lines, sadly the result has been that boat users have been playing it safe in believing they should only fit like for like anodes.


Education is the key in getting customers to switch to aluminium anodes because they offer an all round better solution, and with all outboard and sterndrive manufactures already fitting aluminium anodes as standard, it seems this change is already long overdue.


Performance Metals “Navalloy” anodes are built to Military Specification MIL-DTL-24779B(SH) and are fully approved by the American Boat and Yacht council (ABYC) for use in all water types.


Performance Metals “Navalloy” anodes:

  • Work in all water types: salt, brackish and fresh water.
  • Last 30% longer than zinc, 4 x longer than magnesium.
  • Are 20 x more eco-friendly than zinc anodes.
  • Work on any hull type, GRP, aluminium, steel, and wood.
  • Do not need to be burnished or cleaned and works instantly upon re-immersion, unlike zinc.
  • Have a “Red Spot” wear indicator feature that shows when it’s time to change.